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With close to 30,000 mutual funds currently on the market, and the volatility that investors have faced in the past decade, it is important to consider these key questions when investing:

  • How does the average investor choose the right funds for a portfolio?
  • How do you monitor the performance of the funds once they are selected?
  • What about changes in the funds' management or investment strategies? 
  • What is the proper mixture of funds needed to achieve my future goals?

Why Should I Hire an Investment Management Firm?

Many business and professional people work so hard they don't have the time or the energy to manage their own investment portfolio. Rash decisions and neglected portfolios are good ways to lose money. Retirees are also busy people these days and feel that now is the time to enjoy their lives and not worry about investments. In these situations, it's a good idea to delegate the management of your portfolio.

Bloom Asset Management is a Registered Investment Advisor established to help our clients answer these important questions. We make investing easy and cost-effective for you by developing a customized portfolio of no-load mutual funds and continuously monitoring the performance of the investments. Many money management or brokerage firms treat all customers the same. Whatever the "flavor of the month" investment is, that's what the investors get for their portfolio. Often, the funds recommended are "loaded", or commissioned, and cost the investor more money, while helping the broker make more money.

At Bloom Asset Management, we treat each investor as an individual and recommend a portfolio that fits your unique needs. Before we develop a portfolio, we meet with you to determine your financial goals and tolerance for risk. Then we develop a customized portfolio of no-load mutual funds designed with your particular situation in mind.

Not all investments have equal risk. Stock funds, as an example, have an excellent growth track record over a long period of years. However, over a shorter period of time there may be significant volatility. This makes Stock funds an excellent long term, but risky short-term investment.

The combination of a person's individual personality and needs determine the flexibility and aggressiveness of each investment. You may be very conservative for some needs and very aggressive on others.

Diversification is the foundation of each portfolio developed by Bloom Asset Management. Accordingly, we select from thousands of no-load mutual funds and design an investment mix that is well balanced and diversified. In selecting the specific mutual funds, we emphasize the performance of the funds, which includes continuity of management and consistency of investment style and results.

Bloom Asset Management uses major financial institutions to act as custodian of client assets. Each month, you receive a consolidated, easy-to-understand statement directly from the custodian, showing the portfolio value and investment positions, including a summary of activity for the month. Bloom Asset Management handles all of the paperwork and makes the investment decisions for you to ensure that the portfolio meets your goals and objectives.

To schedule an appointment or to ask questions about our Investment Management service, please e-mail our Financial Planning Assistant, Delilah Caputo, or call us at (248) 932-5200.

Planning for Retirement

In the past, planning for retirement seemed fairly simple: First, you save as much as possible in a 401(k) or other work retirement plan that helped you reach the company match; watch the value of your house go up to provide you with lots of equity; and find a nice place in Florida, the Carolinas or Arizona to spend your retirement years.

But that American retirement dream has been dashed for many people hit hard by the recent market downturn and subsequent recession. However, that doesn't mean that you can't retire in much the same manner as you had planned. But in today's reality, it may mean changing both your investment strategy and expectations in order to accomplish your retirement goals.

At Bloom Asset Management, we can help you re-evaluate your retirement goals and revise your financial strategy to help you ultimately meet your retirement goal. In addition to analyzing your current financial situation and retirement portfolio, we will also look at other key areas that impact your retirement, including:

      - When you plan to retire
       -What Social Security benefits you qualify for
       -What other sources of income will have you during retirement
       -Are you willing to work longer to prolong your retirement
       -Are you planning to work part-time during retirement
       -What type of retirement "lifestyle" would you like to maintain

Getting detailed information on these areas can help us build a retirement strategy and financial plan that will help you reach your retirement objectives. When it comes to retirement income, the old rule is that you should plan on achieving retirement income of at least 80% of your pre-retirement income during your retirement years. However, that is just an average, and many factors can make your individual need either lower or higher depending on your own circumstances.

Of course, regardless of whether you plan to live modestly or travel the world, the X-factor in retirement planning often comes with our health. And while a major medical condition can drastically cut into ones retirement funds, so too can outliving one's retirement assets. In fact, today many people don't plan their retirement funds around their own longevity. Thanks to advances in medical science and a focus on health, many people are living well into their 80s and sometimes even their 90s! While that would have been the exception rather than the rule in the 1960s or 70s, today it is fairly common.

As a result of people living longer, that longevity issue also has to be factored in when saving for retirement so that you don't run out of money. Life expectancy should also be considered when determining your investment strategy and your retirement lifestyle.

As you can see, there are many things to think about when you are developing a financial strategy for your retirement years. At Bloom Asset Management, we can help you navigate the retirement "maze" and come out with a plan that will fit your individual goals and situation.

No Commissions, No Hidden Fees

Successful investing requires keeping costs as low as possible. We believe that an investor who pays for professional services is entitled to independent financial advice, free from conflicts of interest. That's why we exclusively recommend no-load mutual funds. We don't receive commissions from any of the firms who distribute investment products that we recommend or use in our managed portfolios. Our sole compensation comes directly from our clients, and is disclosed clearly and completely before we render services. Thus, our loyalty is always to our clients, and not to the products we recommend.

To schedule an appointment or for more info. please e-mail our Financial Planning Assistant, Delilah Caputo, or call us at (248) 932-5200.

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