Our Philosophy

Bloom's fee-only personal financial planners will help you manage your assets with confidence.

At Bloom Asset Management we understand that your investment portfolio means a lot more to you than just dollars and cents. It's about your goals for the future, and the ability to live your dreams.

That's why we manage each portfolio as if it were our own--with the care and attention individual investors have come to expect from us since 1984.

Each Investor is Unique

Every investor has a different investment risk tolerance. Some are conservative, others are aggressive, and some are in between. Whatever your investment style, we will design a portfolio that best fits your goals, objectives and risk tolerance.

As investment specialists, we will help you sort out the myriad of investment options and design a portfolio that helps meet your goals without undo risks. For example, investments such as real estate, precious metals, commodities, coins, stamps, stocks and bonds may be very good options for a particular type of investor. However, most people don't take the time necessary to become experts on these individual investments and, as a result, aren't successful in building a strong portfolio that has good performance capabilities.

We Recommend Mutual Funds for Most Portfolios

At Bloom Asset Management we think mutual funds are the best way to build a portfolio that can meet your goals and objectives. Yet, with close to 30,000 mutual funds available today, it's important to get expert advice on which mutual funds to build a portfolio around.

Generally speaking, mutual funds can be broken down into two categories: load and no-load. Load mutual funds add a surcharge that is usually given to the salesman or broker who sells them. This surcharge is then "loaded" onto the selling price of the fund.

In addition, some funds are "back loaded", which means a charge is made when the shares are sold.

No-Load Mutual Funds Decrease Investment Costs for Investors

The second category consists of no-load mutual funds. These mutual funds do not have a commission surcharge when they are purchased, or a back-end load when they are sold. Almost all of the funds we recommend are no load, because we believe your money looks better in your pocket than the mutual fund company coffers.

We Recommend Funds with a Track Record of Success

When it comes to picking no-load mutual funds for your portfolio, we won't recommend a fund until it has achieved a track record for good performance. We believe in five and 10-year averages, and many of the funds we recommend can show 20 years of excellent performance.

Some of today's new funds are "go-go" funds that achieve immediate high earnings. Unfortunately, they have no track records to show that these short-term earnings can be returned on a consistent, long-term basis. We will never recommend a fund that doesn't stack up over time.

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